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Rendering edges

Using shaders to render triangle mesh edges

RenderMan + Katana on Ubuntu

Setting up RenderMan and Katana in Ubuntu 20.04

A path tracer with CUDA - prt 4

Memory: CPU pointers -> GPU pointers!

GPU/CPU Memory Stack Allocator

Memory: CPU pointers -> GPU pointers!

vtables vs switches

Polymorphism or function pointers?! A simple macro trick in the end :)

A path tracer with CUDA - prt 3

Object handling avoiding polymorphism and a first render!

A path tracer with CUDA - prt 2

Ray generation and tile rendering.

A path tracer with CUDA - prt 1

First thoughts on how pixels will be grouped and rendered.

Memory Dumps

Memory dumps.

Scott Meyers' Universal References

Notes on the use of T&& parameters in C++.

devlog 1

Some updates on cubemap textures.

Interplay of Light

A little (and lazy) introduction to Physically Based Shading.

Coordinate Systems and their Projections

An intro to projection transforms used Computer Graphics.

Hello Circe

Showing how to use SSBOs and UBOs with circe.

Object Pool

Here is a simple and yet efficient object pool implementation.

Convex polyhedra collision test (GJK Algorithm)

Let’s talk about a cool and efficient way make collision tests between (convex) polyhedra. The approach here though, is a little different from the usual geometric predicates, here we will use something called the Minkowski sum.

Beautiful Bugs

Some art made out of frustration.